Homescapes - Level 6

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Welcome to Homescapes Level 6 Game Walkthrough. Join us in the home renovation project with the lovely butler, Austin, and his parents, William and Olivia. Homescapes is a puzzle game developed by Playrix which combines simulation and Match-3 puzzles. Clear the Match-3 puzzles and obtain stars which are required to complete the daily tasks in the Homescapes story. However, these levels get increasingly hard as you proceed. In addition, you will also start to lose lives as you did not complete the level on your first attempt. Waiting for lives to regenerate may be time-consuming. Thus, what you need is an efficient way to understand and clear the hard levels. Watch the gameplay video and learn about the tips and tricks in solving this level.


Homescapes Level 6

In Homescapes Level 6, you are introduced to a new game feature, Carpets. Lay 62 green carpets within 23 moves in this level. Elongate the carpets by making a combination with at least one piece sitting on the Carpet. Lay out the carpet on all available spaces to clear the level. There are a total of 62 squares to lay. Complete the level with the limited number of moves you have. With no obstacles in your way, strategize and expand the territory by making a match with at least one piece already lying on the carpet.



View the walkthrough video below for the game solution to Homescapes Level 6. No boosters were used to complete this level.



Seems easy? Give it a try! Download and play Homescapes on your PC / Mac. Join Austin and friends in this house makeover adventure!


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