Homescapes - Level 28

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Welcome to Homescapes Level 28 Game Walkthrough. This time, Austin’s next task is to lay a rug and lacquer the stairs that are renovated from the previous levels. These tasks require 1 star each so you need to help Austin to earn 1 star from the Match-3 puzzles in order for him to start doing the tasks. You can know more and understand how to solve the puzzle by watching the gameplay video below!


Homescapes Level 28

In Homescapes Level 28, the challenge is upgraded! Before, it’s either you lay green carpet or you collect donuts. In this level, you will need to do both! This time you need to lay 50 green carpets and collect 5 donuts to complete and win the game! In addition, previously you see boxes that are removed once you match beside them. Now, the boxes are upgraded as well! In this level, you would encounter taped boxes that are harder to remove. In fact, it would have to match beside them or use power-ups TWICE to remove them. It is an extra challenge especially when you only have 25 moves to win the game! This is where your brain and wits come in handy!


Make sure you use as many power-ups as you can! Like any other levels, this game encourages you to maximize the power-ups available to you! There are rockets, bombs, paper planes, and rainbow balls to help you along the way of obtaining that star! Aside from laying the green carpets, you also need to guide the donuts down to the bottom of the game board. Hence, the rocket power-ups will come to the rescue! While you try to lay the green carpets, you also clear an entire column that would result in those donuts, simultaneously going down. Take the opportunity to make those column-clearing power-ups by matching 4 icons in a line.


If you’re a visual learner, you’ll appreciate the video below! It will walk you through the whole Homescapes Level 28. Get ready and take note of the important things you need to accomplish!



As the challenges become more difficult, I hope you continue to press on and join Austin as he renovates the rest of the house! I’m sure there are a lot more to decorate and repair. Go play Homescapes Level 28 today! Download and play the game on your PC/Mac now!


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