Homescapes - Level 26

Game Walkthrough for Homescapes Level 26 | Download and Play on PC

Welcome to Homescapes Level 26 Game Walkthrough. In this level, Austin needs to collect more stars so he will need your help to earn 1 star from the Match-3 puzzles in order to complete his task. The coins he also collects would help him out in purchasing the things he needed to renovate the mansion or for his personal use as he plays the game. In order to do well in this game, you will need to read more about how to solve the puzzle. Catch the gameplay video below!


Homescapes Level 26

In Homescapes Level 26, like any other challenges, it requires more items to be cleared. This time, it takes more effort to collect the required game pieces as some of them are buried under the pink jelly. Make matches using the game pieces next to the jelly or use power-ups to clear the jelly and set the game pieces free!


For this level, you will need to extract 25 cherries and collect 55 red ribbons within 30 moves. As the cherries are all buried under the jelly, you will need to make matches with the game pieces beside the jelly to remove them. In order to complete this level, you can create matches to form a power-up! Power-ups like the paper plane can reach the jelly that is deep down the path. It might take 1 or 2 of such power-ups to remove the jelly completely and extract the cherry but nonetheless, it is still important to use these power-ups because they will surely help you free those cherries! Do take note that these paper plane power-ups remove jelly at random. You would not be able to decide which obstacle to remove using this power-up.


There are also other power-ups available for you! Use them wisely and make sure you know how to obtain them when you match the required items and other icons. To know more about the how-to and other game strategies for Homescape level 26, watch the video below!



Try to win the and collect all the required things by using power-ups in Homescapes Level 26 today! Download and play the game on your PC/Mac now!


Now, do you realize that you need to be prepared before every level? There is no harm in taking the time to read more about the next level so you don’t get surprised with challenges. As they say, it’s better prepared than not! Click on another level below to view the other game solutions! You can also navigate to the Homescapes Level 25 and Level 27 by clicking the side arrows. You can check out the walkthrough videos of other games here!


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