Homescapes - Level 24

Game Walkthrough for Homescapes Level 24 | Download and Play on PC

Welcome to Homescapes Level 24 Game Walkthrough. For this level, Austin’s main goal is to collect another star to be able to do all the task needed. This is also a chance to collect more coins to buy décor and also to save you from losing the game and eventually losing your lives. You can get these coins and star when you match your way until you get the required stuff that Austin needs. Now, to read more on the gameplay and how you will solve the puzzle, scroll down below.


Homescapes Level 24

In Homescapes Level 24, now you want to collect more and more stuff to help Austin. This time, 40 yellow lamps and 40 blue books are needed to be collected with only 22 moves. Of course, there would be problems along the way—boxes! To get over these boxes, make sure you match the game pieces beside the boxes to get rid of them!


However, there may be times when you find yourselves out of moves in completing the level. You can click on the “Play On” button to get an additional 5 moves to continue your game. It’s your last chance to clear the level before you lose a life! Go for it! You can only add 5 additional moves once per attempt at a level. Hence be sure that you can complete the level in just 5 more moves as this bonus costs you 900 coins. So please use this wisely!


View the walkthrough video below for the game solution to Homescapes Level 24 and get all the tips you can. Once you get them all, practice these skills and get ready as you level up more!


Get those stars and coins in Homescapes Level 24 today! Download and play the game on your PC/Mac now!


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