Homescapes - Level 22

Game Walkthrough for Homescapes Level 22 | Download and Play on PC

Welcome to Homescapes Level 22 Game Walkthrough. After fixing the lounge with a soft couch, Austin’s next task is to put comfy chairs and make sure that his parents would change their minds. Help Austin get a star to finish all his tasks by playing match-3 puzzles and completing the required tasks. To read more about how to solve the puzzle, gameplay and even the walkthrough video, just scroll down below.


Homescapes Level 22

In Homescapes Level 22, the challenge is upgraded from level 21. In this level, with only 21 moves, the player needs to lay 52 green carpets. There are boxes that prevent the game pieces to flow down the game board. You will need to remove these boxes before you can lay the green carpets. It may seem overwhelming with the number of carpets you need to collect but worry not! Power-ups are your greatest hope. Make sure to grab every opportunity to create a power-up. May it be by forming 4 in a row or completing a T-shaped matching, or just simply putting all the same pieces together, whatever floats your boat!


Allow the rockets to do their job for you! Rockets can help you clear rows or columns of game pieces on the game board, depending on the direction of the rocket. On the other hand, be ready to use the bombs as well. Bombs are used to remove bubbles in clusters. Planes are also part of the team! They help you clear the required game pieces on the board. This power-up helps you to clear a large number of game pieces at once. Especially with the task assigned, as long as you use these power-ups near the boxes and the game pieces, you’re good to go!


View the walkthrough video below for the game solution to Homescapes Level 22. Help Austin do the rest of the task as he continues to re-decorate the mansion!



Complete the tasks and help Austin choose a cozy chair in Homescapes Level 22 today! Download and play the game on your PC/Mac now!


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