Homescapes - Level 21

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Welcome to Homescapes Level 21 Game Walkthrough. This level starts off when Austin woke up baffled and found out that the house is sold already! Good thing, it was just a dream! This time, it’s up to Austin to reach his goal which is to change his parent’s mind about selling the house. In order to convince them, Austin needs to renovate and replace furniture and parts of the house. He will need your help to earn 1 star from the Match-3 puzzles to buy new things for the house. Make use of the power-ups to complete your task by clearing the game pieces in a row or in a cluster! Beware of the chains and game pieces in the corners, they’re the hardest things to remove!


Watch out for new characters you will meet! They bring great surprises for you and for your missions. Now read more about how to solve the puzzle and watch the gameplay video below.


Homescapes Level 21

In Homescapes Level 21, there is definitely a greater task needed to be delivered. For this level, you are to collect more items than the previous level. For this level, he needs to buy a cozy lounge furniture by laying 63 green carpets and collecting 50 blue books with only 25 moves. In this level, it is crucial that you are to make use of the boosters or even create one! By matching 4 or more identical icons, you get a rocket power-up, a bomb power-up, a paper plane power-up or a rainbow power-up that pops all the icon you exchanged it with. Don’t be scared to use them! They will be your best friend!


Get to know more about the power-ups available to you! This power-up helps you to clear a large number of game pieces at once. Rockets can help you clear rows or columns of game pieces on the game board, depending on the direction of the rocket. Bombs are used to remove bubbles in clusters. Planes pop the required game pieces in the bubbles. Lastly, the rainbow power-up where you pop all the game pieces on the board when you switch it against certain game pieces.


Watch the walkthrough video below for the game solution to Homescapes Level 21. Follow Austin’s adventure as he renovates the mansion and changes his parent’s decision.



Try out the puzzles and help Austin in Homescapes Level 21 today! Download and play the game on your PC/Mac now!


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