Homescapes - Level 20

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Welcome to Homescapes Level 20 Game Walkthrough. During the last level, Austin finally finished renovations in the study area. He even bought his dad a surprise gift: a brand new rocking chair for his reading corner. Though Austin’s plan to get his parents to change their minds about selling the house did not succeed, he is not about to give up yet.


It is another day and Austin is ready to renovate other parts of the house. Help him start the day right by clearing out another Match-3 level in Homescapes. Complete level 20 and earn a star. Read more to discover how to move past Homescapes Level 20 without using any boosters.


Homescapes Level 20

Homescapes Level 20 introduces a new obstacle and a larger area to work with. For this level, you only need to clear one donut out by moving it to the bottom of the playing field.


With 17 moves for one donut, it seems like the round is very easy but it is not completely simple. Like the previous round, there are chained tiles blocking the way. Also, there are three stages to clear the level. Each stage is filled with tiles in chains and you can only proceed to the next area once you clear enough tiles.


To help finish level 20, you can make more combinations of four or five tiles for power-ups. The bomb, rainbow ball, paper plane, and rocket can all help remove the chained tiles blocking the donut’s way.


View the gameplay for the entire round of Homescapes Level 20 walkthrough video below to have an idea on clearing the round.



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