Homescapes - Level 2

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Welcome to Homescapes Level 2 Game Walkthrough. Austin’s next task is to clean up his room. As a professional butler, no amount of dust is too much for Austin to handle. But he will need your help to earn 1 star from the Match-3 puzzles in order for him to start the spring cleaning. This brings us to the second post of the series, the gameplay of Homescapes Level 2. Read more about how to solve the puzzle and watch the gameplay video below.


Homescapes Level 2

In Homescapes Level 2, the challenge is upgraded from the level 1 as you are required to collect more items than the previous level. Clear 16 green cup pieces and 16 blue book pieces within 27 moves in Level 2 of Homescapes. With more items to clear with a similar number of moves compared to Level 1, this level may look tough for beginners. However, you will also learn how to create power-ups at the start of this level. Match 4 pieces in a row to form a Rocket power-up. Swap with an adjacent piece or double tap itself to activate it.


Rockets can help to clear rows or columns of game pieces on the game board, depending on the direction of the rocket. This power-up helps you to clear a large number of game pieces at once. It is best to use it when there are many green/blue pieces on the same row/column as the Rocket power-up so that you can meet the objective quickly.


View the walkthrough video below for the game solution to Homescapes Level 2. As boosters were not introduced yet, practice on creating more Rocket power-ups and clear this stage easily!

Try forming those Rocket power-ups in Homescapes Level 2 today! Download and play the game on your PC/Mac now!


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