Homescapes - Level 18

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Welcome to Homescapes Level 18 Game Walkthrough. The study looks nearly complete except for some finishing touches. His dad is enjoying his reading nook now, but there’s one more thing left to do. Everything looks nice and new except for the old armchair.


Austin is planning to do something about the armchair but he intends to keep it a surprise. Help Austin complete the last task in the study by earning two stars. You can start by completing another 3-Match level and clearing all the required tiles. Read more to find out how to finish Homescapes Level 18 without using any boosters.


Homescapes Level 18

Homescapes Level 18 introduces a new tile, the donuts. Unlike other tiles that you need to match together to clear, getting rid of the donut tile is a little different. You need to bring the donuts down to beat the level.


Homescapes Level 18 donuts


On this level, you are required to clear three donuts with 18 moves. It seems easy because you have plenty of moves to clear a few tiles. However, you will notice that you only have limited matches at the beginning of the game. Create combinations to earn power-ups like a bomb or the rocket to help the donuts fall down.


You do not need to use boosters during this level. Hence it will be better to save them for more difficult rounds in the future. Watch the gameplay for Homescapes Level 18 walkthrough video below.



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