Homescapes - Level 14

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Welcome to Homescapes Level 14 Game Walkthrough. Now that an armchair mat is in place, the reading nook is complete. Or so Austin thought. As his dad sits to read in his newly-renovated spot, the lamp goes off.


Without proper lighting, his dad could not do any reading! To top it off, there are still so many things that need to be done in the study like the floors that are about to fall apart. Help Austin fix his dad’s favorite spot by completing another Match-3 level in Homescapes and earning a star. Continue reading to find out how to clear Homescapes Level 14 without using any boosters.


Homescapes Level 14

Homescapes Level 14 is a little more difficult than the previous rounds. There are three areas you need to clear with just a few moves allowed. To win the round, you have to clear 32 cherries with only 34 moves. In order to get the cherries out of the gooey jellies, you have to make matches next to the goo-filled tiles. For those with extra jelly inside, you must loosen them up by clearing tiles next to it.


In the first area, the cherries stuck in jelly are placed around the center, but you would also need to blast off other tiles with jelly so you can move on to the next part. Once all the jellies have been cleared, you are taken to a lower zone of the level where you have to take down jellies and clear cherries located around the lower portion of the area. Same with the first part, you have to blast everything off so you can proceed to the last few tiles in level 14.


In the final area of level 14, you can focus on clearing only the cherries with the moves you have left. Make sure to use as many power-ups by creating combinations of four or five tiles to help you win the round. If you are in a rut with only one or two moves left, you can always use the hammer to clear up the remaining tiles you need. If you have matches to make but need some more moves, you can buy five moves for 900 coins.


Homescapes Level 14


You can also watch Homescapes Level 14 walkthrough video below! Watch how you can get past this level and earn another star!



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