Homescapes - Level 11

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Welcome to Homescapes Level 11 Game Walkthrough. During the last level, Austin replaced the old bookcase with a bigger, better bookshelf. Now his dad loves the space even more! But the renovations to the study area are not done yet. There are still wallpapers to hang and a new task to do. Now Austin also needs to lay an armchair rag to match the new shelves.


Help him carry out his task and earn a star by clearing level 11. He needs two stars to set up all the wallpapers in the room and one more star for the armchair rag. Continue reading to find out how to clear tiles on Homescapes Level 11 without the use of any boosters.


Homescapes Level 11

This round gets a little more challenging. In Homescapes Level 11, you need to clear out 60 yellow lamps and lay 58 green carpets with only 26 moves allowed. Like the previous levels, some tiles are in chains, which means that you cannot move them. Fortunately, the chains can be destroyed by matching similar tiles to those in chains. Explosives also help remove the chains from the tiles. Once unchained, you can mix and match tiles like you normally would.


Level 11 has a tricky chain pattern in the form of an upright cross surrounded outside by tiles and inside with the green carpet. Because of that pattern, making combinations looks a bit difficult. Fortunately, the more you match tiles, the higher the chances of getting rockets dropped into the mix. You can use those rockets to remove chains, lay the carpets and clear yellow lamps!


Remember, if you run out of moves, you can always buy an extra five moves to help get you through the round. That’s if you have 900 gold!


Homescapes Level 11


You can also watch the gameplay of Homescapes Level 11 with the walkthrough video below! Learn how to lay the green carpets and remove chains in this round.



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