Homescapes - Level 1

Game Walkthrough for Homescapes Level 1 | Download and Play on PC

Welcome to Homescapes Level 1 Game Walkthrough. This is the first post of the Homescapes Game Walkthrough series. Follow us on this journey to unlock the Homescapes story and watch how the plot develops. You are greeted by the scene of Austin taking the plane to go on a vacation to visit his parents in his childhood home. To his horror, his childhood home is in a mess. Being a committed butler, Austin got down to work immediately and started by changing the carpet in the hall.


But in order to do that, he needs your help to obtain stars so that he can complete the outstanding tasks. Get stars by completing the Match-3 puzzles in Homescapes. However, you will notice that the game levels become harder and harder as you proceed. Each player starts the game with 5 hearts which represents 5 lives. One heart is removed whenever you fail any Homescapes level and each removed heart takes 30 minutes to regenerate. Thus, in order not to lose those precious hearts, we recommend you to watch these detailed walkthrough videos which will serve as great guides for you to clear the levels.


Homescapes Level 1

In Homescapes Level 1, you will learn the basics of a Match-3 puzzle game. Learn the basic of collecting the pieces you need in Homescapes by matching 3 pieces of the same type in a row. Swap adjacent pieces to match the pieces in a row of 3. Clear 12 yellow lamp pieces within 26 moves in this level. As a beginner level, there are no obstacles getting in your way. Hence most players will be able to clear this level with ease. Gain more confidence by clearing this stage with a lot of moves remaining. The remaining moves will transform to power-ups clear more game pieces at the end of a round. You will also be awarded extra coins as well. These coins are very useful if you wish to change your chosen furniture in the future.


Here is the walkthrough video for the game solution to Homescapes Level 1. As boosters were not introduced yet, this level’s sole purpose is to teach new players how to play this game and solve the given puzzle.



Looks simple, isn’t it? Challenge your friends and see who can clear the most number of Homescapes levels! Download the game on PC / Mac now. Share your high scores and max levels with us on our Facebook page.


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