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Disaster Will Strike - Level 8

Game Walkthrough for Disaster Will Strike Level 8 | For PC Download

Welcome to Disaster Will Strike Level 8 Game Walkthrough. Welcome back, Egg Hunter! You are now embarking another challenging level, and we’re already on level 8. This time, it’s going to be more challenging than the previous levels. This game couldn’t get any harder. Don’t worry though, if you fail to crush the eggs in this level, you can always go back and play again until you mastered the launches and strikes. Play Disaster Will Strike Level 8 to test your strategy skills! Download Disaster Will Strike on PC/Mac and start playing now!


Disaster Will Strike Level 8

In Disaster Will Strike Level 8, you are required to crush only 2 dinosaur eggs. You will see the eggs resting on the separated, separated by a boulder. On both sides of the boulder, attached are poles with spikes (the same poles you encountered in Level 7 ). However, the eggs are far from the poles and you can only crush them if you bring them nearer into that direction.


Disaster Will Strike Level 8


What better way to roll off the eggs into the direction where it can be easily crushed? Through a hurricane! So, choose the hurricane option, tap the left direction so that the eggs will roll towards the left side of the game board. Because of the strong wind, the pole on the left will be brought down and swing towards the first egg, thereby crushing it. Repeat the same process for the remaining egg. For the second hurricane, launch it in the direction towards the right to let the remaining pole to fall downwards as well. Crushing the two eggs will earn you another 4 points. So if you complete this level, you are going to have eggcellent 52 points.


Watch the walkthrough video of Disaster Will Strike Level 8 from 0:25-0:34 to better visualize the gameplay!



Try this exciting challenge by playing Disaster Will Strike Level 8. Download and play this game on your PC! Challenge your friends in this fun puzzle game see who can solve the most levels at once! Check out the game solutions of other levels below! You can also navigate to Disaster Will Strike Level 7 and Level 9 by clicking the side arrows. Be the ultimate Disaster Will Strike master!


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