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Disaster Will Strike - Level 7

Game Walkthrough for Disaster Will Strike Level 7 | For PC Download

Welcome to Disaster Will Strike Level 7 Game Walkthrough. It’s another egg crushing day for you, egg hunter. The challenge seems to never stop. As long as there are still dinosaur eggs lying around, this journey will continue. If you have mastered the launches and combination of launches in the past levels, then you’re ready for the challenges awaiting you. Play Disaster Will Strike Level 7 to play more combination of launches and learn more on how to crush those eggs.


Disaster Will Strike Level 7

In Disaster Will Strike Level 7, you will play a more challenging task. You will have the opportunity to use more combination of launches. In this level, you can see the eggs on the ground separated by a large gap. You can also see two big poles with huge spikes located on two ends of the game board.


Disaster Will Strike Level 7


First, you will roll the eggs from the right side to the left. Use the pole with spikes on the right as the bridge. Since the pole is standing upright, you can make it fall off with the help of a strong wind. Choose the hurricane launch, determine the direction where you want it to blow and then launch it. Click the left arrow if you want the hurricane to hit on that direction. The pole will fall off and it will serve as the bridge and eggs will roll successfully in the left direction.


Disaster Will Strike Level 7 Walkthrough


Now that you’ve gathered all the eggs together, it’s time to crush them all at once. See the post with the spikes? Swing it off by using the hurricane launch again. The process is the same. Tap the hurricane option, choose the direction where you want it to hit and then bam! The spikes of the post will crush the eggs all at once. In this level, you will gain 7 points leaving you with eggcellent 48 points.


If you want to learn more how to do this, watch the walkthrough video of Disaster Will Strike Level 7 from 0:13-0:24.



Try out Disaster Will Strike to play this exciting challenge. Download and play the game on your computer and invite your friends too! If you want to check out the previous levels such as Disaster Will Strike Level 6, click the arrows on the left. If you are ready to proceed in a more challenging level, check out the game solutions for Level 8.


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