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Disaster Will Strike - Level 6

Game Walkthrough for Disaster Will Strike Level 6 | For PC Download

Welcome to Disaster Will Strike Level 6 Game Walkthrough. As the dinosaur egg multiplies, the level becomes harder. Join us in this journey of eliminating the eggs as you encounter more challenges along the way. Crush the eggs using landslide and hurricane strike, and other combination of strikes which utilize explosives and big rocks. The good thing is that even though the level gets harder, you won’t lose lives. So, if you’re not successful with crushing all the eggs in one particular level, you can always go back to it until you master the strikes. Play Disaster Will Strike Level 6 to gain more mastery in the game.


Disaster Will Strike Level 6

The levels 1-5 of this game series might be easy for you now. Since you’re on this level already, we assume you have already learned the basics of using the strikes as well as its combination. In Level 6, you are given the earthquake launch to use. On the game board, you can see the eggs standing on the surface of the land area at the lower level. On the top level of the land, on the other hand, you can find some explosives and a big rock.


Disaster Will Strike Level 6


What you will need to do to solve this level is to first tap on the earthquake option, choose the area where you want it to hit and launch the earthquake. Once the ground shakes, the explosives will blow off and the rock will roll off to where the eggs are. This combination of strikes will crush the eggs in no time, leaving you with eggcellent 41 points.


Watch the walkthrough video of Disaster Will Strike Level 6 from 0:01-0:12 and learn more how to master this combination of launches.



Master more combination of strikes and launches with Disaster Will Strike Level 6. Download and play this addictive game, show off your skills and challenge your friends. If you want to play Level 5 again or even Levels 1-4, just click the arrow on the left. Check out the solutions of Level 7 by clicking the right arrow.


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