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Disaster Will Strike - Level 5

Game Walkthrough for Disaster Will Strike Level 5 | For PC Download

Welcome to another walkthrough level for Disaster Will Strike. Today, we’ll be bringing you through the solutions of Level 5 of the game. For those who are new to this game, Disaster Will Strike is a fun and engaging puzzle game which differs from the usual boring and mundane ones. Using exciting elements such as natural disasters, this game is suitable for parents to teach their kids about their effects. The colorful graphics and realistic sound effects are what made players come back for more! Read more about the game features of Disaster Will Strike here! You can also catch a sneak preview of how the game works by checking out the game walkthrough of Disaster Will Strike Level 5 below!


Disaster Will Strike Level 5

Similar to level 4, you are required to utilize 2 different natural disasters in order to eliminate those pesky dinosaur eggs. On the game board, you can see that there are 2 eggs in the open space and 2 eggs underneath the cliff. With the 2 eggs being trapped under the cliff, there’s no way they can roll out (as there’s a big rock blocking the way). To complicate matters, the 2 eggs on the left are lying on the firm ground which will not be affected by the earthquake strike.


But fret not, the trick to solving this level is by utilizing the hurricane strike first to bring all the eggs under the cliff. Thereafter, you will be able to apply the earthquake strike on the ground where all the eggs are standing on. Through the vibration, the eggs will touch the spikes on top of them and get crushed.


Disaster Will Strike Level 5


Join us in the hunt to eliminate all the dinosaur eggs! Download Disaster Will Strike on PC/Mac and start playing today! Remember to check out the other walkthroughs we have prepared for our readers below. You can also navigate to Disaster Will Strike Level 4 and Level 6 using the side arrows on the top of the page.


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