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Disaster Will Strike - Level 4

Game Walkthrough for Disaster Will Strike Level 4 | For PC Download

Welcome to Disaster Will Strike Level 4 Game Walkthrough. The challenge is getting more exciting as you level up in the game. You were successful in Level 3 by using the destructive landslide as your strike against the dinosaur eggs. As you move into the next levels, you will encounter many more challenges and the eggs won’t stop multiplying. So, we’re making it more destructive for them. In Disaster Will Strike Level 4, you will learn more about the other ways you can use the landslide strike. Read more to find out how you can pass through this level.


Disaster Will Strike Level 4

In the past levels, the eggs are resting comfortably on the ground where you can easily crush with the big stones. In this level, they are on the space between two lands with the oil barrels around them. On the surface of the top ground, you will see a bomb. The challenge is upgraded in which you are given 2 natural disasters to execute. You will need to strategize and decide in sequence in which you are going to use the landslide strike and the hurricane strike. The advantage of this game is that you can attempt the levels for unlimited tries without exhausting any “lives” in the game.


Disaster Will Strike Level 4


It is advisable for players to start with the landslide first before using the hurricane strike. The first thing you should do is choose the area where you want the landslide to hit. Tap the area below where the bomb is. Once area is hit with the landslide, the bomb will drop off right where the oil barrel is. After 3 seconds, the oil barrel will blow up as the bomb is being triggered. The eggs near the barrels will have no chance of surviving once the bomb blows off.


Watch the walkthrough video of Disaster Will Strike Level 4 from 00:32 to so you’ll have more visualization as to how to do the strike.



If you want to try this cool strike, play Level 4 and complete it. Download and play Disaster Will Strike on PC/Mac and challenge your friends too.


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