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Disaster Will Strike - Level 3

Game Walkthrough for Disaster Will Strike Level 3 | For PC Download

Welcome to Disaster Will Strike Level 3 Game Walkthrough. After crushing the eggs with the hurricane, it’s now time to take up the challenge and try out another disaster launch. After all, the eggs won’t stop multiplying and you have to take more challenging ways to eliminate them. This is the third post in the Disaster Will Strike series. Read more to find out what you can do in Disaster Will Strike Level 3. You can also download this fun puzzle game here while going through the walkthrough!


Disaster Will Strike Level 3

In Disaster Will Strike Level 3, you will have a chance to crush those grumpy-looking eggs. After the hurricane, it’s now time to use the destructive landslide against the dinosaurs eggs. This time, you can see the annoying faces of the eggs resting comfortably on the ground. Here’s an opportunity to crush them. Notice that there’s a metal pole between them? Your aim to solve this level will be to make the metal pole topple, thereby falling on the eggs and crushing them. To do this, you will use the landslide action.


Disaster Will Strike Level 3


Tap the area where the pole stands. The ground will experience landslide and the mud in the area you have clicked will be removed. This results in the pole dropping down due to gravity. Since there is a heavy rock on the pole, crushing the eggs is made easier. The success of this strike will depend on the particular area you’re going to click. The strategy is to look at the where the pole stands and tap that exact same spot. This will cause the surrounding soil to crumble and the post to fall off. It’s another success for you! More eggs to crush but at least you’ve taken care of some of them.


If you want to visualize how this strike is done, watch the walkthrough video of Disaster Will Strike Level 3 from 00:24 till 00:31. You can practice more in this level so you can master using the landslide in your strike strategy.



The landslide strike is your next move to crush those dinosaur eggs! Download and play this exciting game now on your PC now! Wondering what strategies you can use on the next level? Just click the right arrow to check out Disaster Will Strike Level 4. If you want to go back to Level 2, just click the left arrow.


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