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Disaster Will Strike - Level 2

Game Walkthrough for Disaster Will Strike Level 2 | For PC Download

Welcome to Disaster Will Strike Level 2 Game Walkthrough. As the terminator of the dinosaur eggs, your next challenge is to use more moves to stop them from multiplying. Clearly, the earthquake is not enough to eliminate them all so you have to upgrade your strategies. Hence, in the second post of the Disaster Will Strike series, we will teach you more game strategies. Read more to find out what they are.


Disaster Will Strike Level 2

In Level 2 of Disaster Will Strike, you are going to face a more challenging strategy to break off as many eggs as you can. This strategy still involves using the big rock to crush the eggs. But unlike Level 1 in which you need to use the earthquake motion, you are required to use the help of a hurricane this time. Your tactical strategy would be challenged since you have to decide what area to tap. This area is the direction of where the strong wind should go. Make sure you chose the area near where the eggs are hiding.


You will be given 10 seconds of strong wind, and it should have enough power to move the big rock towards the direction you tapped. Once it does, it will drop off where the dinosaur eggs are hiding, damaging the poles and ultimately breaking all the eggs. It might be challenging for others because the eggs are in a different position compared to Level 1. However, if you calculate where the wind blows and the time it takes to hit the poles, you would be successful in crushing the eggs.


Disaster Will Strike Level 2


To find out more about how this is done, watch the walkthrough video below of Disaster Will Strike Level 2 from 00:14 till 00:23. Practice more to use the hurricane as your strategy to crush the eggs.



Try using the strong wind in Disaster Will Strike Level 2. Download and play the game on your PC. Challenge your friends. Check out what strategies you can use next on the Level 3 of Disaster Will Strike. Just click the arrows to navigate on the next levels.


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