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Disaster Will Strike - Level 15

Game Walkthrough for Disaster Will Strike Level 15 | For PC Download

Welcome to Disaster Will Strike Level 15 Game Walkthrough. Can you handle 5 eggs with only 2 disasters? This time you get to work with 2 landslides to get you through the next level! No more dynamites or boulders, no more winds, and crates as well. So this is a whole different level to explore! Just don’t forget the goal: To break all the eggs! Know more about the gameplay of Disaster Will Strike Level 15. Scroll down to find out more about how to solve the puzzle.


Disaster Will Strike Level 15

In Disaster Will Strike Level 15, you get to meet new game set-ups featuring the teethed posts. These posts can smash those eggs as long as you got them positioned in the right spot! Your usual crates are also different from the metallic boxes that are piled up to elevate the egg. Nonetheless, you still have to work out how to use the posts to your advantage and how to make them fall exactly on those eggs. This level may take you a little while to figure it out but like any level, go out and explore them!


It’s better to get rid of the elevated metallic boxes first so when the last teethed post falls, it does not get stuck on the boxes. This way, you can quickly eliminate the egg. Now you’re left with the last disaster to strike, make sure that you get the domino effect on these posts so then the game would be completely finished!




Try to explore and know more on how to get those teethed posts to smash all the eggs on Disaster Will Strike Level 15 today! It is time to start playing Disaster Will Strike on your PC today!


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