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Disaster Will Strike - Level 13

Game Walkthrough for Disaster Will Strike Level 13 | For PC Download

Welcome to Disaster Will Strike Level 13 Game Walkthrough. In this level, the challenge is to crack the eggs by just using landslides. Will that be enough to kill all of them? Surely this level will test your wits and imagination as you picture the consequences of your next move. Keep the goal in mind! Make sure to strike the disaster wisely to crack all the eggs and win the game!


Disaster Will Strike Level 13

In Disaster Will Strike Level 13, you can see a whole different set-up compared to the previous levels. This time you get a dynamite and boulders together with the eggs. The only thing that certainly needs thinking is the hows of the game. How will you make that dynamite blow up, and how will you make the boulders roll on those eggs?



Don’t be fooled and use the landslide to trigger the bomb, it could still leave you with 2 eggs! See the walkthrough video from 0:21-0.26 below for the game solution to Disaster Will Strike Level 13. Get ready to know more about how you can play the game better!



Take advantage of that dynamite and boulders in Disaster Will Strike Level 13 today! Download Disaster Will Strike Game on your PC/Mac now!


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