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Disaster Will Strike - Level 12

Game Walkthrough for Disaster Will Strike Level 12 | For PC Download

Welcome to Disaster Will Strike Level 12 Game Walkthrough. This time, you have 3 disasters to strike: 2 landslides and strong wind. You’ll have to work extra hard because you got an extra egg in the game compared to the previous level. The more eggs you need to break, the more you’ll have to think! Remember to make use of the disasters wisely so as to not leave any eggs behind! Learn more about the gameplay of Disaster Will Strike Level 12. Read more about how to solve the puzzle and watch the walkthrough video below.


Disaster Will Strike Level 12

In Disaster Will Strike Level 12, the challenge is upgraded from the 4-egg challenge in level 11, now you have 5 eggs to break! Good thing you have an extra disaster in hand because this time you have 2 landslides and a strong wind. For this level, there are also crates that may or may not help you. There are also pointed teeth placed in the bottom cave which could help you break the eggs with the right disaster to push them there.


In the previous level, you obviously used the boulders to your advantage to break the eggs. With this level, you can think of other ways to get rid of the eggs aside from the conventional cracking. For levels with no stones, or anything that could help you kill the egg. You will have to maximize the use of the disasters to defeat them. In level 12, letting them fall is a good way to kill these grumpy eggs. Use the right disaster to create the set-up that would lead them to their fall.




Check out the rest of the strategy to solve this level with the walkthrough video below for Disaster Will Strike Level 12. Watch the video below from 0:15-0:20 for the walkthrough of Disaster Will Strike Level 12.



Play more of the eggciting levels especially this time that boulders are not around in Disaster Will Strike Level 12! Download Disaster Will Strike on your PC now!


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