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Disaster Will Strike - Level 11

Game Walkthrough for Disaster Will Strike Level 11 | For PC Download

Welcome to Disaster Will Strike Level 11 Game Walkthrough. In this level, you only have 2 disasters to strike in order to take them all down! Make sure to strike these disasters wisely or else you’ll lose the game. These grumpy eggs are as grumpy as the old troll but you’ll sure see them smile when you lose!  If you want to know more about how to play this level of Disaster Will Strike, scroll down as you read more about how to solve the puzzle and watch the gameplay video below.


Disaster Will Strike Level 11

In Disaster Will Strike Level 11, the game looks like this: Wherein you only have two disasters to strike, the landslide and the wind. The goal of the games is simple: Break all the eggs with your disasters. Be strategic on which disaster you would launch first. Crack all the 4 eggs and makes sure to take them down. Make use of the set-up in each level. For level 11, the boulders are a prominent part of the set-up that could help you win the game! Make sure that those boulders will be used to your advantage.



Now, in order to get those eggs to crack, you have to use your disasters wisely so you don’t leave any egg behind! Use the wind to roll the eggs in one area. With that, you also roll the eggs to the edge of the land. Now, you only have the landslide to strike them. Place the disaster to the land where the boulders are supposed to fall upon the eggs. Once you have done it right, we’re sure you’ll get past this level with ease! Try it out now!


View the walkthrough video below for the game solution to Disaster Will Strike Level 11 from 0:07 to 0:14 and see how to do the level quickly!



Use those boulders to your advantage here in Disaster Will Strike Level 11 today!Download and play Disaster Will Strike on your PC/Mac now!


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