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Disaster Will Strike - Level 10

Game Walkthrough for Disaster Will Strike Level 10 | For PC Download

Welcome to Disaster Will Strike Level 10 Game Walkthrough. The break is over, and you’re back on the challenging part of this game. Did the past level make you relax? Then in Level 10, you are going to face a challenging task. Prepare yourself as we guide you through this level. Play Disaster Will Strike Level 10 to learn more.


Disaster Will Strike Level 10

In Disaster Will Strike Level 10, you need to crush 4 eggs. The challenging part is that they are spread apart unlike in the past levels where you can crush them all at once. In this level, you can see the two eggs resting on the second level of the metal structure, while the other two eggs are underneath it, sitting on the ground. With so many elements on the game board, it’s hard to decide where to apply the landslide strike.


To solve this level, you will first need to choose the landslide icon on the top left of the game screen. Choose the area where you want the landslide to hit, preferably on the pole located on the right side. Once the landslide is launched, an area of the ground will be removed, causing the pole to drop and thereby crushing all of the eggs at once.


Disaster Will Strike Level 10


Want to know more about this level? Watch the walkthrough video of Disaster Will Strike Level 10 from 0:44-0:52.



The level gets challenging as you proceed to the higher ones. Play Disaster Will Strike Level 10 to master the different launches and its combinations. Download and start playing Disaster Will Strike on your PC/Mac now. Invite your friends to join in this egg-citing adventure! Check out the solutions of other game levels below. You can also view the walkthroughs of Level 9 and Level 11 by clicking the left and right button respectively, located at the top of the page.


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