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Game Walkthrough for Disaster Will Strike Level 1 | For PC Download

It’s Disaster Will Strike Level 1 Game Walkthrough. A brand new post of the new series, we at Games.lol bring you the gameplay videos of another exciting puzzle game, Disaster Will Strike. Join us on this journey as we try to solve the problem of controlling the influx of dinosaurs. This might lead to an epidemic, so we need your skills to stop this. It all started with only one dinosaur and its two eggs, but after some time they are multiplying! What better way to eliminate this problem is to stop them. But in order to do that, we will need your help. Read more to find out how to eliminate those dinosaur eggs and watch the gameplay video below.


Disaster Will Strike Level 1

In Disaster Will Strike Level 1, you will know the moves you can do to eliminate the dinosaur eggs. On the game board, you can see that the dinosaur eggs are on the ground. In addition, there are poles around them that give them protection. On top of the pole is a big rock. The challenge is to break the dinosaur eggs all at once. How do you do that? You can create an earthquake so the ground will shake and the stone will drop off and damage the poles. To successfully do this, choose the perfect ground area, preferably on the center, and tap that. Thereafter, the ground will start shaking. You know how destructive earthquakes could be. Once the poles are damaged, it will crumble to the ground and break the eggs all at once.


Disaster Will Strike Level 1


Watch the walkthrough video of Disaster Will Strike Level 1 from 00:00 till 00:13. As a beginner, this video is easy to follow since it’s teaching you how to use the earthquake as a way of stopping the dinosaur eggs from multiplying.



Looks interesting, isn’t it? Challenge your friends and see who can clear the most number of levels in Disaster Will Strike! Download the game on PC / Mac now. Share your high scores and max levels with us on our Facebook page.


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