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Looking for a puzzle game that is not a Match-3 puzzle game? With so many different puzzle games in the market, you will often find yourselves lost in the sea of games. Other than the puzzle games such as Homescapes, Gardenscapes, Jewels Blitz 3, what other options do you have? Here’s Disaster Will Strike, a new puzzle game with an interesting twist! Read further to find out more.


Watch the videos to understand more about the gameplay of Disaster Will Strike and learn some tips and tricks to solve the challenging puzzles in the game! With so many variations of the games, we aim to provide our readers with the most up-to-date game walkthroughs and solutions. You no longer need to search for other sites for the hacks and cheats for Disaster Will Strike. Solve the puzzles in just one attempt! Download Disaster Will Strike on your PC/Mac now and try it out for yourself!


The puzzles in Disaster Will Strike is full of excitement and lots of fun! Explore the effects of the different natural disasters in the game! You have the power to decide what happens next! From earthquakes to tornadoes, there are unlimited combinations to choose from. Watch the eggs roll along with the direction of the wind and gets crushed by the huge boulders. Ignite the explosives and see the eggs blast off or become burnt.


What’s great about this game is that you can just keep playing on and on! Unlike other games where you lose a life when you fail a level, Disaster Will Strike allows you to keep challenging the same level over and over again. You can literally play this game for hours! Be the ultimate egg-smashing master! If you liked our Disaster Will Strike Walkthrough videos, you can also access the gameplay videos of other games as well here in Games.lol! Follow our Youtube channel to get the latest video updates!


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