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[:en]This is why living on a swamp isn’t such a good idea.


You awake to the sound of strange gurgling and bubbling noises. That’s odd, it doesn’t seem to be coming from your stomach. When you open your eyes, you realize that suddenly there are huge crocodiles coming your way. Are you dreaming? You pinch yourself. Nope. You grab your rusty old gun and shoot away in this unblocked games 333!



Pic 1: Swamp monsters of different sorts


Welcome to Swamp Attack by Outfit7, the game developers that created Talking Tom Gold Run! Battle huge swamp monsters like crocodiles, huge turtles that can run when released from their shells, beavers with chainsaws, and raccoons on explosive logs. At least you’ve got a gun shop nearby to constantly upgrade your rusty old gun. It’s time to protect your house, even if it’s dilapidated and on a stinky swamp full of monsters.


Gird yourself, blast the music, and shoot away! We’re declaring a swamp war!


5 Game Features:


200+ rounds of non-stop fun

Episodes 1-4: 18 levels each, Episode 5-8: 24 levels each, Episode 9: coming soon! The swamp wars seem to be never-ending with this many levels and variants of swamp monsters. Once you start, it’s quite hard to stop! Arm yourself constantly with the best guns so you can defeat the swamp monsters (who seem to be evolving stronger and stronger)!


Excellent, exciting storyline

Who knew living on a swamp would be this dangerous… or exciting? You take on the character living on the porch and fire away at the swamp mutants with no mercy! As the story goes on, stranger things happen more often. Iron-clad mosquitoes, UFOs, skunks… the days of living by a peaceful swamp are long over. In any case, your character eventually develops a strength for the macabre and takes on much more than just chainsaw beavers, but in the future, bosses like the Giant Beaver and Mozzie Queen!


Tons of upgrades and special weapons

To match the level of monster intensity, you are constantly allowed to shop for flamethrowers, dynamite sticks, Uzi guns plus bullets, shotgun upgrades and a whole lot more. Swamp Attack is an arcade game that is simple and addictive, especially when you can arm yourself with bigger and better weapons to take on the swamp creatures, unlike some games that don’t do weapon or tools upgrading. You’d have come a long way from that rusty old shotgun.



Pic 2: Scene with two helpers along with the main character


Engaging graphics

The game is impeccably designed for an arcade style game shootout. If gaming graphics is something invariably important to you, you need to play this game. All the 35 or more creatures that Swamp Attack introduces are created with a cartoonish, artistic flair! Even if these giant beavers are your enemies, you still can’t help but think that they are warm and fuzzy! Ahem, we digress. The graphics style is similar to Plants VS Zombies in a sense, and that is certainly good enough for us.


Simple gameplay suitable for all ages

It’s a swamp war, but there is no gore. It’s either sink or swim for these monsters! Shoot them and they go down – no blood or guts spilling out. It’s a very easy shooting game that’s both fun and addictive for everyone! The storyline is simple to follow as well, and game upgrades are easy to understand. Game mechanics are rather simple to maneuver. It’s suitable for ages 8 and above, yet still as fun for those in their 40s!



Tips, cheats, episodes, hacks


Know Thy Enemies

There are many different types of enemies in this game, over 35 of them. It’s important to know which weapons work best on which! The crocodile is an easy one. They come in droves yet they each have low HP and don’t usually attack until they’re near. This makes them the easiest to wipe out, apart from the stinging mozzies! Use Uzi gun for close range creatures like the mosquitoes and crocodiles. The shotgun is great for turtles, floating raccoons, and chainsaw beavers. The further you can shoot them, the better.


The dynamite sticks area of impact isn’t very high so don’t waste it on a group of crocodiles or beavers. Use them in emergency situations when the creatures are nearing your swampy cottage. The flamethrower? Easy, try using it as far away as possible so it’ll lower the HP of the creatures when they’re far away. No point throwing it when they’re reaching the cottage. Helmet-clad raccoons are extremely dangerous and fast – it won’t be worth your time to try shooting them down because they won’t die till they bomb your house (or if you have a much stronger gun). In such cases, use the stop sign when they arrive in a large group.


The rodents are strangely powerful. We suppose size doesn’t matter that greatly in this game. The rats with guns are dangerous and should be shot at immediately as they are emerging into the scene. Weasels with Molotov bombs too. Get them out with your long-range guns and dynamite sticks, especially when they are clad in helmets.


Vacuum aliens suck away your mines and other traps in the water, while UFOs are annoyingly playing hide and seek with your inventory of hand-thrown weapons. They are low in HP though, so just swat them out of the way!


Use swamp rain when the faster-paced, stronger enemies arrive! Don’t waste it on a group of crocodiles! Paper airplanes or mini mortars. Save these for the boss levels or gun-wielding groups!


Fridges are great for electrocuting, blocking, or freezing a handful of enemies or a great big one. Save them, and try to only use them when in emergency situations. Some bosses might not be as susceptible to the fridges as other bosses.


Battle the Bosses!



Pic 3: Swamp boss compilation

  1. Try to use the refrigerator to freeze the boss enemy before shooting away! It’s a very powerful move.
  2. Bosses 1-3: The Giant Beaver and Mosquito Queen are quite harmless, but the Swamp Monster in episode 3 can throw cans at you and doesn’t freeze when you put the fridge where he’s standing. It blocks him from a distance, though.
  3. Boss 4: The Mothership. Shoot your guns at the hovering UFO’s guns to stop them from shooting at you. Don’t bother putting anything in the water, except for a fridge right under the opening of the UFO – it will zap the baby UFOs when they exit the craft.
  4. Boss 5: The fire-breathing multi-eyed swamp monster! You would need at least 10 fridges thrown on him at once to freeze him for a while, though you shouldn’t drop them on him so early on. Also, as you attack this creature, use speed reload chilis!
  5. Boss 6: Radiation-created monster! Rain mortars on him! Unload fridges on him!
  6. Boss 7: A Robot-created monster. Rain down as many large objects that you have on this creature with superbly high HP.
  7. Boss 8: The steel tank giant. For this one, just give it all you’ve got!

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