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It does not matter if you are a novice or an expert, because we got all of you (and your questions) covered. Learn more about Subway Surfers and discover exclusive tips that you have never heard of. You can find all kinds of tips to make your Subway Surfing experience fruitful and smooth sailing! Discover tips on how to unlock all the characters, how to earn the most coins in each round, and eventually beating your friends’ high scores!



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How to beat your Subway Surfers high score?

Are you finding it hard to beat your previous Subway Surfers high score? Well, you are at the right place!   The best way to improve your score is to make sure you increase your multiplier in the game as fast as you can. Every time you complete a mission, your character will level up. Your […]

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What is Subway Surfers Mexico?

The Subway Surfers Mexico is the sixteenth installment in the series of Subway Surfers. Not to be confused with the Mexico edition that was released in 2017, the 16th installment is also known as Subway Surfers World Tour: Mexico City. In this edition, a new character, Rosa is introduced. A new outfit called Fox is added […]

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Introduction to Subway Surfer Paris

From the World Tour series, Subway Surfers take you to the City of Love and Romance! Subway Surfers Paris is the seventh installment in the Subway Surfers World Tour series. The famous attraction of Paris, the Eiffel Tower, is featured as part of the logo of this edition. The endless running never stops because this […]

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What is Subway Surfers World Tour?

Do you like traveling? Is a game that takes you all across the globe sound like a fun idea to you? With Subway Surfers World Tour, you can get a virtual tour all over the world with just your mobile phone or PC. Playing and having fun is the formula for this game’s success. In […]

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What is Subway Surfers Tokyo?

Subway Surfers Tokyo explores the scenic views of Tokyo. Get ready to be wowed with Tokyo’s colorful streets! This is the 19th installment of the popular game Subway Surfers World Tour series. Do your best to escape the grumpy guards and make sure you get all the coins! Same with Subway Surfers, the goal of […]

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