My Talking Tom: The Player’s Main Goal

Every game has a main goal or objective. For endless chasing games like Subway Surfers, you will have to run as far as you can to get away from the cop that is chasing after you. Well, the main goal in playing Talking Tom is not about collecting coins and buying stuff for him or playing mini-games. It is also not about making Tom grow into an adult.



You’ll be more surprised to find out that the main goal of playing Talking Tom is to just simply make him repeat what you say. WHAT? For real? YES! Originally that was what Talking Tom was created to do. But, as time passed by and after tons of upgrades and added features, a new goal has been set for Talking Tom, that is to take care of him.


My Talking Tom Gameplay


Talking Tom (as well as his other Talking Friends) are all human-like characters that need caring. Tom starts off as a kitten. Technically, he is made to be a cat that you picked from the side of the street and brought him home. That is a given since the beginning of the game starts with Tom inside an old box. From then, you will start caring for it by feeding it and also forming a bond with him as if he was a real pet. But, would it make you wonder if your beloved Tom will die in the end?


Tom grows up in various stages. He starts off as a toddler and grows up every 5 levels. From being a kid, he becomes a tween, then a teenager. Once he becomes a teenager, he turns into a student then to a young adult before reaching adulthood. That is when he stops growing up. The goal of Talking Tom changes every time thus making it a very interesting game. You can also buy him clothes and accessories and even decorate his house. For more info about My Talking Tom, you can visit our FAQ section.

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