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Introduction to Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Mobile Legends Bang Bang is a popular 5v5 MOBA or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game that was originally designed for mobile phones. It’s reminiscent of games like DOTA but using a mobile format that is why it is a hit to its users. Eventually, the game has evolved and can also be played using a PC. Mobile Legends Bang Bang is created and published by Moonton and was released in July 2016.



In this game, there are two opposing teams consisting of five players in each team fighting against each other to attack and destroy each other’s base. The teams must also make sure that they are able to defend their respective base. This game is a showdown between two teams of real human opponents using player-controlled characters to create the perfect team. The players can choose an avatar or in this game is known as a “hero” where each has its own special set of abilities. Knowing your enemies avatars will help players predict your opponent’s possible next move and strategy. Teamwork is a key part of the strategy to win in this game. Aside from the players, there are also computer controlled “minions” that randomly appear in the game to help you fight your enemies and destroy their base. In the map of the game, there are three separate lanes that the teams will travel to get to the other base and these are known as the Top, Middle, and Bottom. Each of the lanes has three turrets each and the team’s goal is to get past the minions and then obliterate the turrets. After you have destroyed the turrets, you can then focus on attacking the base of your enemy. Keep in mind that the lanes can determine the type of enemies that you will encounter so be ready with your own counterattacks.



Play Mobile Legends today on your PC and see for yourself why it is the most popular game in the world, and a favorite in Asia.

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