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How did Mobile Legends started?

Mobile Legends Bang Bang is the most popular MOBA game in the world today. It has ranked #1 in Apple Store’s best-selling rankings in 13 countries around the world. It also reached the top 10 results in 53 countries. This multiplayer online battle arena was originally created for mobile phones giving players a unique experience on their phones.


Eventually, the game has evolved and can now also be used by players in a PC. As noticed by players, there is a difference in using Mobile Legends on their mobile vs their PC. Mobile players are used to the touch screen whereas playing the game using a PC will need a player get used to the mouse and keyboard. But for more experienced users, they like the PC experience, which actually resembles another MOBA game favorite, which is League of Legends. Players who have used both games have noticed the similarity in user experience, look and feel interface, and sometimes even the characters and logos have some similarities in them. Nevertheless, both games still have unique qualities that differentiate them. So basically, it is a matter of preference whether you like to play the game on your mobile or PC, Mobile Legends is still one of the best game out in the market today.



Mobile Legends Bang Bang started its release last July 11, 2016. Since then, it has been a fan favorite by a lot of players, especially in Asia.


Shanghai Muxi Technology Co., Ltd, or Moonton, is a gaming company in China that developed the game. The company was only established in 2014 and had already launched a lot of games in multiple countries and regions where they reached the top 10 results in rankings. Mobile Legends is still the most popular game that Moonton has released to date. The company aims to continue to create world-class mobile games for players around the world and develop games that people will enjoy.


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