The Ultimate Guide for Cheats, Hacks and Tips to Ace Smash Hit

It does not matter if you are a beginner to this game, or a seasoned player.


This is the ultimate guide that all players should read to improve their game skills in Smash Hit. If you have not yet downloaded the game, you can install it here on our game page. And while waiting for the installation to complete, familiarize yourselves with these 6 simple tips and you will be on your way to achieve your next highscore!

1. Some obstacles are meant to be left untouched

Saving your iron balls for the tough obstacles is the key to garner long distance in your game. Do not shoot at anything that shows up in a flash. Instead, try to analyze and decide if the obstacle will hinder your path. Do not waste effort trying to break something that will not hit you at all. This will ensure the effective usage of the limited resources you have on hand.

2. Familiarize yourself with the projectile of your throw

If you are an avid basketball player, you will know that there is a certain projectile that is made when the ball is shot. What goes up to the air will eventually come down due to the gravitational pull. Hence, it is important to understand how the balls move when you throw them in the game. It takes a lot of practice to master this skill. But this will come in handy when you have several objects coming at you and you cannot afford to fire multiple close shots. Bear in mind that the longer the aim, the weaker the shot will be. Smash Hit is programmed to mimic real-life physics theories.

3. Aim for those crystals during early gameplay

With a slower game speed during the initial game, it will be easier for players to aim at the targets and have a higher chance to hit them. As crystals equate to wealth, smashing more crystals will secure more iron balls, which will be useful when you get more obstacles in your path and your anxiety causes you to miss an otherwise good aim. Get a streak of 10 successful hits on the crystals and you will receive a multi-ball. Multi-balls increase the number of balls thrown per click but only deducts the number of balls by the number of times you click. By throwing more balls per click, it will be easier for players to aim at their targets with the increasing game speed.

Smash Hit Download PC Crystals

Pic 1: Smash Hit Pyramid-like crystals 

4. Aim at strings connected to the obstacles

More often than not, you will see large glass panels blocking the front of your path and several balls are required to break the thick glass panels. Take a closer look the next time you play Smash Hit and you will notice that these glass panels are actually being hung by strings (on top or to the sides of the walls). Simply aim for the string and 1 ball is all you need for the glass panel to be out of your way.

Smash Hit Cheats Glass Panel String

Pic 2: Smash Hit Glass Panel connected by Strings

5. Target the controls of the laser beams

Since you cannot hit light with balls, you will have to destroy the machine that is releasing the beam of light. Do not waste your effort trying to hit the laser beams as they will just be exterminated like how a lightsaber cuts through metal doors in Star Wars. Play smart by hitting the object that is controlling this strong force.


Smash Hit Download Combo Laser Beam

Pic 3: Smash Hit Laser Beams

6. Improve your checkpoint scores

You are given the chance to restart at your last checkpoint when you run out of balls (this option is only available if you have unlocked the paid version). Make sure you have plenty of balls in your inventory whenever you pass a checkpoint so that the score gets recorded and you get the same ball count when you restart at that checkpoint. Unfortunately, if you are only using the free version, you only have one try at this. Focus on points 1 to 5 above to maximize your combo and attain your highscore!


Smash Hit Download Free Checkpoint

Pic 4: Smash Hit Checkpoint Saved

About Smash Hit

Smash Hit is a fun and awesome arcade game by Mediocre. Its on-point sound effects, clean graphics, and realistic physics gameplay are what makes Smash Hit highly attractive to players of all ages. Smash Hit gives players the ultimate test of their reflex and accuracy, making it highly engaging and addictive. Download Smash Hit on PC now!

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