Talking Tom VS Talking Garfield: Who’s the Cooler Cat?

It’s the ultimate showdown of cats!

When My Talking Tom was released in 2013, it sparked a worldwide domino effect amongst game developers everywhere. Most scrambled to create similar “Talking” products. From it also birthed some of the more prominent Talking toys (Talking Gingerbread man, Talking Gummy). But what really caught our attention is Talking Garfield!


What most people don’t know, though, is that Talking Garfield was actually released first (hmmm, so who’s the copyCat?), in 2012.


When we heard that Talking Garfield actually exists, we thought, “are we really going to “control” this grumpy, lazy cat we’ve grown up with?” Garfield simply isn’t the type of cat who will (can?) snuggle up to anyone – he’d probably sock anyone with the intention of getting affectionate with him.


My Talking Tom has had 500 million downloads, compared to Talking Garfield’s 1 million. But is Talking Tom the cooler cat compared to Talking Garfield? Although we think that Talking Tom is way cuter, we’ll try to be objective in our six comparisons!


Garfield’s personality just doesn’t cut it for a Talking Garfield game

Garfield Comic Strip

(Photo credit:


Where Talking Tom is cute and relaxed, Garfield seems satirical and sly! And that’s fine. But when it comes to Talking Garfield, it’s just weird, because we get to control and “force” him to be cute in some ways. We think it stems from the fact that Garfield is supposed to be a grumpy and lazy cat, and putting him into our screens just doesn’t feel right. Also, though he feigns excitement, every move Garfield makes looks somewhat like an effort! When you enter Garfield’s site, it’s full of satirical comments and gives off a “I’m a cool cat” vibe. I mean, check out this comic strip! As such, it makes it strange for us to make him play music, scratch our screen, or do other things, simply because it’s just not him!


Garfield is a more niche market

Talking Garfield Apps


If you tried googling the number of apps Garfield features in, you’d find that there are over 50+! But why haven’t we heard about any of them yet? We haven’t really heard of their Talking Garfield app either. This doesn’t directly affect this comparison, but Talking Tom scores more brownie points as it has been a multi-level sensational hit with kids, teens and young adults in the TV episodes, or with the Talking Tom Gold Run game… so he’s already won half our heart! Love Talking Tom and friends, and would like to know which personality you are based on the characters? Then let’s find out if you’re team Angela, Hank, Tom, Ginger or Bob!


We might be biased, but really, isn’t Talking Tom cuter…?

Talking Tom has big, doe expressive eyes. That’s definitely a plus with all that “awwww” points he scores with us! Garfield is not really expressive, especially since we can’t see his eyes much. He smiles cheshire-ly when he is up to something sneaky or when he does his delighted dance. It’s cool, too, but we’d prefer something cute that waits for us each time we log into the game.


Talking Tom play Talking Garfield Gun


It’s a draw for the design of both characters!

Both the characters’ design renderings are very well done, albeit in different styles. Garfield is dough-like in the game while Tom is more drawing-animated and cartoonish. Both score well for this section! However, if you’re going to compare the overall design, then My Talking Tom wins – because the game backgrounds/settings for Talking Tom are amazing (even the toilet!)


Talking Tom toilet time Talking Garfield Relaxing


Who scratches better?

You wouldn’t want either of them to scratch your back with their sharp claws! Okay, so they both do a pretty decent screen scratch… But who’s cuter? Let’s see!


It’s pretty close between the two, but garfield seems to be levitating weirdly in this pose. Points go to Tom!


Things to do with Garfield VS Tom

Garfield loves lasagne, his sunnies and siestas, the game station (eating cakes and such – what a cute fat cat!). On the other hand, Tom likes to fart, eat, sleep, poop, and he’s so cute in showers! Yup, they both are able to talk and repeat after you. Also, since when does Garfield play the piano? That’s kinda weird.


We guess the conclusion for this showdown is clear:

Move over, Tom, from Tom and Jerry. Or Garfield! (and possibly the rest of the world) has voted Talking Tom as the world’s most popular catwaii cat <3


Download and play My Talking Tom or Talking Tom Gold Run now!

Posted on July 3, 2018 by gamesAdmin

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