Happy Birthday, Subway Surfers is Six!

Subway Surfers has earned its sixth candle on the cake!


Created by game developer Kiloo, the world rejoiced when Subway Surfers first made its debut on the 24th May, 2012. Till date, there are at least 1 billion downloads of this game and 27 million active players daily!


It is also the first game in history to actually hit 1 billion downloads. Three cheers!


To celebrate Subway Surfer’s sixth anniversary, Subway Surfers World Tour: Monaco 2018 was released on the 3rd of May 2018.


Subway Surfers Monaco

In Monaco, there’s a new character: Philip, in his tennis outfit and cool green sunnies, as well as another version of him donning a suave captain’s outfit!


The new surfer board, Speeder, is also a Monaco special edition. The landscape in Monaco boasts a beautiful boat quay on the left, and warm brown buildings on the left. As you surf this city, enjoy the yacht-lined harbor with a handsome Philip in tailored captain’s wear!


What’s Subway Surfers?

Jake, a rebellious and energetic teen, decides one day to create a work of art on the body of a subway train in New York City. He is unfortunate to be seen by the train’s inspector and his dog, though, and the grumpy man gives fierce chase. Jake isn’t the type to surrender and apologize, so instead of the game ending right there, he springs into action! As Jake huffs and puffs along, he realizes that the inspector isn’t quite easy to shake off!


Today, Jake is still running from the inspector in this 6-year love-hate relationship!


Game Play

Hop on top of trains, dodge oncoming traffic, jump over obstacles and slide under them! Help Jake escape from the obsessed Inspector and his dog! It’s a simple and easy arcade game that requires dexterity, quick reflexes, and a love for fun. People love this game’s addictive nature and how game developers Kiloo has always got a cradle full of upgrades and surprises for their players!


Subway Surfers World Tour

In this edition, Jake and his friends take to traveling the world! Having experienced a subway chase in New York City, Jake realized that he can do anything. He then proceeds to go where his legs can take him, and runs around the world. This is the list of places Jake and friends has toured, making loads of new friends along the way as well. Where will Jake go next? We hope he keeps running!


Updated 2018:

Rio de Janeiro, Rome, Sydney, Tokyo, Miami, Paris, Beijing, Moscow, New Orleans, London

Mumbai, Miami, Seoul, Mexico City, Vancouver, Sao Paulo, Los Angeles, Cairo, Bangkok, Las Vegas, Hawaii, Arabia, Venice, Greece, Kenya, Transylvania, North Pole, San Francisco, Prague, Madagascar, Peru, Singapore, Iceland, Havana, Washington, Amsterdam, Monaco, Copenhagen, Marrakesh, Shanghai, Barcelona, Saint Petersburg, Chicago, Buenos Aires


Trivia: Have you ever wondered how old is Jake and his friends are?

Subway Surfers and Friends


Parkour is an extremely intense athletic activity, and so we’re guessing Jake’s not that old. But then again, the aged inspector is also pretty fast in keeping up! By the looks of Jake, though, and also in fandom land, people generally put Jake’s age between 15 to 18, but not any higher than that.


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