Gardenscapes: How to Get Rid of Gas Cylinders

So, you’re confronted with this sticky situation of ticking time-bombs, gas cylinder style in Gardenscapes? Now, gas cylinders will appear on some levels and limit the number of moves you can make 🙁 The scary thing is, each gas cylinder will have their own timer! By removing one, you do not affect the rest! To make things worse, sometimes they come frozen or bound in chains. Frightened yet?


Don’t fret, here are six tips on getting rid of these gas cylinders before the time runs out!


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1. Match gas cylinders with game pieces of the same color

Gardenscapes Gas Cylinders Same Color

Same-colored pieces go together like peanut butter and jelly! Yup, these gas cylinders are colored for a reason; so you match-3 group them together with the ones that are the same color and poof! Off they go! If you’re running out of time, don’t try to be smart and wait for more of the same colors when you already have 3-in-a-row! That’ll be too risky! Gas cylinders will cost your hearts!


2. Detonate power-ups nearby to remove them in a blast!

Gardenscapes Gas Cylinder Explosives

Phew! Thank goodness for bombs in this game! Use ‘em to blast away these time-bomb gas cylinders! Fight fire with fire! With the bomb or the dynamite, the gas cylinders surrounding it will all be gone – for the fireworks, it only has a limited attack range of + 1.


3. Use the shovel to scrape the entire row of land

Gardenscapes Gas Cylinder Shovel

We don’t recommend that you use this unless the singular row of land has two or more gas cylinders on it. Of course, unless it’s an emergency: utilize this wisely!


4. Use the spade to dig ‘em out!

Gardenscapes Gas Cylinders Spade

Use the spade to dig out the gas cylinder, it’s as simple as that!


5. Change the position of a game piece in your favor with the glove

Gardenscapes Gas Cylinders Glove

The glove allows you to manipulate just a move! We don’t quite enjoy this glove-move, but hey, you never know when you will need this to create a 6-match combo (to get the dynamite and blast away a large area!) Usually, we’d save them for when it really matters (this move needs a bit ‘ol foresight/planning in advance, though).


6. Doubled rainbow power-ups can get rid of them!

Gardenscapes Gas Cylinders Rainbow Powerups

The double rainbow power-up, which is on the left of the image, is so powerful it’ll get rid of your entire gardenscape when you mesh two rainbow power-ups that are side by side, together!


What does the single rainbow power-up do? It removes all the items of the color you swap the rainbow power-up with. So if you swap your rainbow power-up with an apple, all the apples and red gas cylinders will be rid of. The chances of getting a rainbow power-up is quite low, much lesser than the double rainbow power-ups, so don’t hold your breath for either one!


Do any of the above 6 steps to getting rid of gas cylinders and you’ll be on your way to beating this time-ticking challenge!

Gardenscapes Gas Cylinders Completed


About Gardenscapes

Austin, who is a butler, is also OCD in nature. He wants the best for everything. In Gardenscapes, he is bent on refurbishing and rescuing the mansion’s dilapidated gardens before it is really too late. Help Austin by attempting this addictive match-3 game (similar to Candy Crush), and have a blast! Each level is challenging, fun, and exciting. With every level you complete, you earn a star. Use these stars to repair the gardens in a style that you like. The storyline also won’t leave you wanting – it’s that good!


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Posted on June 25, 2018 by gamesAdmin

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