Clear the Ivy, before it outgrows you in Toon Blast!

Toon Blast has just released an update on 19th June, 2018. Other than the addition of 50 new levels for the smarty pants who have completed all the current levels in Toon Blast, behold the newest, wackiest item in the game: IVY! Download Toon Blast on PC now and try it out for yourselves!


Something is brewing in the quiet and peaceful town in Toon Blast. The headlines for the paper today screams, “Plants Overgrown!”. Someone had accidentally added fertilizers to the magical beans and now they are growing at super speed! Help the Toon Blast characters, Cooper Cat, Wally Wolf, and Bruno Bear before they get buried underneath the thriving ivy!


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Pic 1: Clear the Ivy – Latest Item – Toon Blast


Tap on the blocks next to the Ivy to remove it. Sounds simple? The challenge comes when you are unable to find blocks of the same color that is adjacent to the Ivy tile. You will end up having more areas covered with ivy. This limits the playing area you have on the game board. Think smart and plan ahead. Move faster than the pesky plants and don’t let them get ahead of you.


Other challenges that you will face include obstacles such as Jelly, Rubber Duck, Soda, and Coconut. Do you have what it takes to remove these obstacles and clear the level? Play Toon Blast online now.


What are Ivy Plants?

Ivy Plants (Hedera helix) are climber plants and they can grow on almost any surface that allows them to cling on and reach out for sunlight. They have small roots that grow on their stems for them to anchor the long stems the structures that come into their way. They are an invasive species which grows out quickly and have the capability to bring down the fences that they are leaning on. Hence, such woody vines are not recommended to be planted in residential areas as they may end up fighting against the other plants for sunlight, water, and soil.


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About Toon Blast

Toon Blast is the latest game released by Peak Games, the developer of the popular game, Toy Blast. Achieve the objectives of each game level by clearing blocks of the same colors. Clear multiple blocks in 1 move and gain boosters to get more points and clear more blocks. There are also obstacles in each level that the player needs to overcome. For this update, players need to clear the thriving ivy plants by tapping on the bricks beside the plant, revealing the bricks under it. Failure to do so will result in the plants growing and covering more bricks, making it more challenging to clear the level. At the moment, there are no cheat codes for this obstacle, so you will have to count on your wits to crack this puzzle. If you are up for the challenge, download Toon Blast on PC now and blast away!

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